Marcelo Espina

He was born on April 28, 1967.

He played as a central midfielder and his debut was in 1983 at Platense.

His last club was Colo Colo, where he retired at the end of 2004.


He played in the following teams:

Platense (Argentina) 1983-1989

Irapuato (México) 1990-1991

Atlante (Argentina) 1991-1992

Lanús (Argentina) 1992-1993

Platense (Argentina) 1993-1995

Colo Colo (Chile) 1995-1998

Racing de Santander (España) 1999-2001

Colo Colo (Chile) 2001-2004

Trophies won

Cup of Chile (1996).

4 Chilean First Division (1996, 1997C, 1998, 2002C).

He won all his titles playing in Colo Colo.


Matches   603

Goals   126

Assists  2

Titles   5

Position  Midfielder

Country   Chile

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